Key Announcements 

March 2018 – Begins offering per diem drafting and consulting services to other Pennsylvania firms.

March 2018 – First novelist is signed to Writers +, Mr. Dimmerman’s newest venture, a management/PR company for writers.

March 2018 – Philadelphia Law Factory is launched to address current market demands, with a mission to deliver the highest quality legal services, in the most cost-effective and efficient manner possible.

February 2018 – Begins work on a new novel.

January 2018 – Begins the new semester at Temple University, teaching real estate law in the undergraduate business program. Mr. Dimmerman has been an adjunct faculty member since 2009.

2017 – Collaborates with James Lammendola, Esquire on a real estate law article for The Legal Intelligencer. It was “nostalgic,” considering the number of publications they have co-authored together.