Were You Told “Lawyers Are Not Required in Pennsylvania”?

Because title insurance companies are so active in Pennsylvania and Philadelphia, many consumers, especially first-time home buyers, are dissuaded from utilizing the services of a real estate lawyer prior to going under contract. And until there is a problem, everything seems wonderful, perhaps too good to be true. More importantly, buyers (the party with the most obligations during the process) are content not having to pay commissions or legal fees. When something does goes wrong and the party is forced to secure legal counsel, for fear of a significant financial loss, many of the issues inherent in the deal suddenly come to the surface. Disputes and even litigation can result, unfortunately, at that point. Thus, it is vital to contact a real estate attorney, such as Mr. Dimmerman, as early on in the process as possible. Use your judgment and do not lose sight of the stakes: buying and selling real estate is a major investment.


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